Experience. Innovation.

The experience to build quality software, and a culture of innovation that deftly handles new problems.

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Software Consulting

Expert engineers make all the difference. If your current project has your hair on fire, or you are scheduling resources for a new project, drop us a line and give us a chance to show you why you should…

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Mobile Apps

The world is shifting to mobile. Mobile computing is cheaper, omnipresent, and the next frontier of software development. We build our own apps to hone our skills, and we can produce your mobile idea.

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CAD Software

Given our experience in engineering software, it was only natural that we started working with CAD technology. We use that experience to re-imagine CAD products, and the result is affordable and easy to use.

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Component Outsourcing

Sometimes you know exactly what you want, and just want to know what it will cost to build it. We live for well-defined requirements, and are happy to do fixed bids on their development. Mitigate your risk and still get the job done. Outsource your:

  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile App
  • Web App
  • Component
  • Library
  • Feature

to Hachisoft. To get started…

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Rural Outsourcing

We live in the wilds of Washington State on purpose. Beautiful environment and natural resources aside, we also enjoy a significant cost of living discount, and we pass that savings on to our clients. Do you want to:

  • Save money through outsourcing?
  • Work with an established (and insured) American corporate partner?
  • Boost a deserving rural economy?

If so, then…

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Open Source

A wide variety of technology tools in this day and age are open source. License restrictions and conflicts can muddy the waters for commercial uses, but Hachisoft is a long term advocate for (and conscientious user of) open source. Don't re-invent the wheel. Just:

  • Find suitably licensed software
  • Understand the implications
  • Correctly attribute the source
  • Benefit from an existing solution

With Hachisoft consulting on your team, you can expect to…

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While there is academic merit in perfecting the solution to a well-known problem, there is a challenge to building new solutions for emerging frontiers. Our commitment to (and knack for) innovation can be seen in our agility in the fast-paced world of delivery-date consulting.

Tyler S. Edwards, Co-Founder

We bring clients from the question of "how will we?" to the answer of "that's how we".

Elliott B. Edwards, Co-Founder

Hachisoft is committed to building software that is intuitive, works reliably, performs admirably, and looks great.

Caleb E. Edwards, Co-Founder

Hachisoft is native to Washington State, USA, and does business worldwide.