Although the name might suggest otherwise, Hachisoft is a home-grown American business. Honed and refocused since its initial imagining by three brothers in gradeschool, Hachisoft is now an organization trained for and committed to the development of quality software.

If you visit our offices nowadays, may no longer find us huddled around the glow of a prehistoric 16-color monitor. But you will, however, still hear the same enthusiastic buzz of computer-related excitement. We talk about data structures, programming languages, graphics, databases, etc. the way that some people talk about sports. It is just that our passion is the creation, maintenance, science, and art of software.

Committed to Technology

The software world moves fast, is picking up speed, and shows no signs of slowing. Without a thorough commitment to the awareness (and understanding) of new technology, software professionals are soon left behind. We at Hachisoft are insatiable in our appetite for new tools and solutions, and well-versed in the range of established solutions. This gives us a balanced knowledge base from which to implement pragmatic solutions that are tailored to the problem.

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Committed to Quality

Software is wonderful when it works. As voracious software users ourselves, we feel keenly the pain of broken software. It is with this in mind that we leverage industrial strength testing practices and are fanatical about the quality we produce. It is nigh-impossible to have perfect software, but through careful testing and design, that is our goal. If/when you do hit a bug in our code, you can expect us to be prompt, helpful, and anxious to make it right.

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Committed to Community

As software professionals, to live and work in rural Washington requires a very different system of values. Our employees make daily sacrifices to be in this area, and part of this community. While we could all pack up and go to tech centers in urban environments, we are inspired by and committed to the pioneer spirit that underpins our community. You can see these values played out in the community endeavors of our employees. Most (if not all) are active in local sports programs, and many have served as head coaches. We believe in this community enough to invest our time, energy, and resources. It is extremely rewarding, and highly recommended.

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