Desktop Applications.

When it comes to tough engineering problems, you need efficient and performant code that runs on powerful hardware.

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From Spec to Maintenance

The software lifecycle is nuanced and complex for non-trivial applications. Our capable consultants are ready to jump in and lend a hand. Give us a try for:

  • Enhancing specifications with our real-world computing experience.
  • Building software to your specifications.
  • Designing unit-test suites to verify code and protect against regressions.
  • Analyzing and debugging your application.
  • Benchmarking and improving performance in critical "hot spots".
  • Getting "up to speed" in your codebase, and being productive (your code is our documentation).

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You Can Expect

  • Experience in relevant languages, tools, and techniques
  • Experience with a wide range of source control solutions (though we definitely have our preferences)
  • A software process that facilitates quality, maintainable code
  • Professional written and verbal communication

Our Experience

We have technically been building software since gradeschool, but most of our consulting work has been in the area of engineering applications. It takes discipline and awareness to deal with:

  • algorithmic complexity and performance
  • memory management
  • usability in complex systems
  • real-world data modeling

We find that the discipline we have acquired from this experience, however, is applicable in all of our software design and production tasks.